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Hippo Leasing Has A Brand New Website

Our main car leasing site has a brand-new website. We wanted to ensure that you, our customers had the best experience you could when searching for your car to lease. Therefore, we have added a variety of new functions and we are working differently and harder to ensure your enquiry is answered faster and more efficiently than ever before. With the launch of our new website, we will also be delivery some fantastic new leasing deals.

Thanks to our brilliant designers, our new website design for Hippo Leasing is much sleeker and more modern looking and allows you to find the car you want quicker.

The other thing on offer is our collection of unbiased and authentic reviews. Head to our news section and look around at our single reviews and comparable reviews. As well as reviewing cars, we also talk about everything involved in leasing to ensure all your questions and queries have been answered. We also cover new deals we offer and new campaigns and charity work like our Road Safety campaign.

To help you understand what Hippo Leasing is about and what they offer, we have included 4 information tabs on the home page. This includes answering some of the burning questions like “What is car leasing?” and “How do I get a Lease Car?”.

Those new deals

With our new website comes new possibilities in the form of new deals. We get brilliant new cars every month and with all the new cars being launched in the future, you can be as excited as we are to be able to offer you a great deal on any car.

If you have looked before and not found a deal to suit you, then why not hop over to our new site and see if we can now offer you that perfect deal.

How we communicate with you

Thanks to our new website, we also have a new and far more efficient way of contacting you and dealing with your enquiry.

Our new system covers you no matter where you enquired from. You will be able to enquire through our website enquiry form, our live chat system, social media or direct to us by phone call. We aim to respond to you within 24 hours, but most of the time we will respond sooner.

With the launch of this new Hippo Leasing website, we aim to give you the best possible experience when you are looking for your new car to lease. You can check out our new site now and find a car deal that suits you.

Why not head over to Hippo Leasing and tell us what you think.

Hippo Leasing's new website