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Hippo Motor Group’s Big Move

Last year, we posted about our brand new build taking place just down the road from our current offices.  We’re pleased to announce that the building has finally been finished, and some of our team members have made the big move over into the new premises.  The workshop and offices look fantastic, and all the staff members are excited the move.

Work on the building began last year, when we decided we needed another site as well as the current one on Trident Park, due to the success of Hippo’s growth.  Since forming in 2007, Hippo has gone from strength to strength, and it was apparent that we needed more space to deal with the growing number of staff and customers coming through Hippo’s doors.  We’ve been at our current home on Trident Park for 2 years now, so this felt like an excellent time to start work on the expansion of Hippo.

We also announced several new jobs for sales, marketing, logistics and valeting last year, so the new build has been a great place to house all the new starts this year, with the opportunity to create even more jobs in the future.  Overall, our entire work team has doubled in the past 18 months alone, so the new building is a great way to keep up with all the success and growth.

The great news about the new building is that not only do we have more office space for our ever expanding teams, but we also have some brand new kit to help us prepare cars for customers.  We have more vehicle preparation bays, more paint paints, and ramps for vehicle maintenance and repairs.  The overall aim of the new building is to create more space for our team to carry out all aspects of vehicle preparation, all under one roof.  This way we can keep up with the increasing demand, and keep customer satisfaction levels high.

So far the big move has been a huge success, and the staff are all excited about exploring the new building with its brand new facilities.  The offices are currently home to the marketing department, logistics team and the mechanic/technician team.  We’ll keep you updated with all the goings on at the new building, so watch this space for photos and updates coming soon!