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Breakfast of Champions – Supercar Driver Came To Hippo

Breakfast of Champions – Supercar Driver Came To Hippo

What would be your dream breakfast?

Hippo Motor Group hosted our dream breakfast this weekend with a special visit from Supercar Driver to our state of the art showroom on Trident Way in Blackburn. The event was a celebration of some of the rarest and most beautiful supercars both modern and classic from around the globe.

The morning meet

The drivers of Supercar Driver began their drive at 8 AM on the outskirts of Preston. They travelled for approximately 81 miles through the beautiful Trough of Bowland where they enjoyed twisty roads, hills and forests. They arrived at Hippo’s showroom at 10:30 AM for a delicious breakfast with 40 of our most loyal prestige customers.

Both the drivers and our customers proceeded to browse all the cars brought to Hippo that day as well as the prestige cars we have on display inside our showroom. The kids certainly loved exploring every car on show that day, taking every opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat and imagine themselves speeding through the countryside in one of them (maybe when they are older and pass their driving test).

What cars made the lineup?


The stars of the meet were obviously the cars. We had some of the greatest cars currently on sale right now. Ferraris were a popular choice for the day with three Ferrari 430s, two Ferrari 488s with some other famous brands such as the Jaguar F-Type, Nissan GTR, several Porsche 911s and a McLaren 570S. Also in attendance was a black Audi R8, a Bentley Continental, a bright blue Lotus Exige, a BMW 1M, M2 and I8.

We had a classic orange Porsche 911 Carrera, which was reportedly worth close to £1 million. Then again, it has been around since the 1970s and it is in impeccable condition. By its side was another rare classic car that took a few of us by surprise and even longer to work out what it was (some said Ferrari and others said, Lamborghini). It was, in fact, a gorgeous yellow De Tomaso Pantera.


Supercar Driver

Supercar Driver is the country’s largest supercar drivers club was founded in the North West before spreading across the nation. They regularly take part in driving events like the one on Sunday and we were very pleased to host them at our showroom.


Hippo Motor Group is celebrating its tenth year in business and this was one such event we threw in partnership with Supercar Driver to mark that milestone. It was one such opportunity to us to celebrate our tenth year in business, by demonstrating our commitment to supplying the best cars available to our customers.