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Quarter Three Charity Announcement

So far this year we have supported two very worthwhile causes. Both of these offer different support but are equally as important in their respective fields. As a motor group we are raising money for each car we sell throughout the various brands we have including Hippo Prestige and Hippo Leasing.

From January until the end of March we worked hard to raise £600 for Spacious Place. As we approach the end of quarter two we are raising money for Cancer Help Preston with the final donation amount to be announced in early July.

July 1st to September 30th will be another different cause and another one we are delighted and determined to raise as much money as possible for.

Millys Smiles aim to make the journey for newly diagnosed children a little easier. The team raise funds throughout the year to provide parents and children who are diagnosed with Acute Myleoid Leukemia (AML) with welcome packs that contains items to make the initial period in hospital a bit easier. The charity summarises there amazing work by saying ‘we would like to make parents feel as though they have been given a hug and told that people do understand and care.’

We are already well underway with plans to ensure this next quarter is even more successful so we can raise as much money for Millys Smiles as possible!

You can follow their progress and get involved over on Twitter by following : @Millys_Smiles or find them on facebook here: Millys Smiles Facebook

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